Some recent publications

Names in bold indicate members of the faculty in the corresponding year.

  • Manuel Arellano, Richard Blundell and Stéphane Bonhomme,
    Earnings and Consumption Dynamics: A Nonlinear Panel Data Framework,
    , 85 (2017), 693-734.

  • Manuel Arellano and Stéphane Bonhomme,
    Quantile Selection Models with an Application to Understanding Changes in Wage Inequality,
    , 85 (2017), 1-28.

  • Samuel Bentolila, J. Ignacio García-Pérez and M. Jansen,
    Are the Spanish long-term unemployed unemployable?,
    , 8 (2017), 1-41.

  • G. J. Borjas and Joan Monras,
    The Labor Market Consequences of Refugee Supply Shocks,
    Economic Policy
    , 32 (2017), 361-413.

  • Jorge De la Roca and Diego Puga,
    Learning by working in big cities,
    Review of Economic Studies
    , 84 (1) (2017), 106-142.

  • X. Giné, Monica Martinez-Bravo and M. Vidal-Fernández,
    Are Labor Supply Decisions Consistent with Neoclassical Preferences? Evidence from Indian Boat Owners,
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
    , 142 (2017), 331-347.

  • Monica Martinez-Bravo,
    The Local Political Economy Effects of School Construction in Indonesia,
    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
    , 9 (2) (2017), 256-89.

  • Monica Martinez-Bravo, P. Mukherjee and A. Stegmann,
    The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite-Capture: Evidence from Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia,
    , 85 (6) (2017), 1991-2010.

  • D. Martinez-Miera and Rafael Repullo,
    Search for Yield,
    , 85 (2017), 351-378.

  • A. Segura and Javier Suarez,
    How Excessive Is Banks' Maturity Transformation?,
    Review of Financial Studies
    , 30 (2017), 3538-3580.


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