Empirical Microeconomics Workshop (formerly, PEW)

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First term

29 September 2016:
Saul Lach (The Hebrew University), Retail Prices in a City.
20 October 2016:
Alex Mas (Princeton University), Valuing Alternative Work Arrangements (joint with Amanda Pallais).
27 October 2016:
Mine Senses (Johns Hopkins University), Trade Shocks and the Provision of Local Public Goods (joint with Leo Feler).
10 November 2016:
Martin Browning (University of Oxford), Income and Consumption: A Micro Semi-structural Analysis with Pervasive Heterogeneity (joint with Sule Alan).

Second term

19 January 2017:
Carlos Sanz (Banco de Espaņa), Norms in Bargaining: Evidence from Government Formation in Spain.
2 February 2017:
Claudio Ferraz (PUC-RIO), Procuring Firm Growth: The Effects of Government Purchases on Firm Dynamics (joint with Frederico Finan and Dimitri Szerman).
16 February 2017:
Swati Dhingra (LSE), Piggy-Back Exporting, Intermediation, and the Distributional Gains from Trade in Agricultural Markets (joint with Silvana Tenreyro).
23 February 2017:
Rohini Pande (Harvard Kennedy School), E-governance, Accountability, and Leakage in Public Programs: Experimental Evidence from a Financial Management Reform in India (joint with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Clement Imbert and Santhosh Mathew).
9 March 2017:
CANCELLED Tania C.J. Barham (University of Colorado, Boulder), Effects of Early Childhood Health and Family Planning on Labor Market Outcomes.
16 March 2017:
Judit Vall (UPF), Who Respond to Changes in Sick Leave Benefits? Evidence from Spain (joint with Olivier Marie).
23 March 2017:
Ruben Durante (UPF), Advertising Spending and Media Bias: Evidence from News Coverage of Car Safety Recalls (joint with G. Beattie, B. Knight and A. Sen).

Third term

6 April 2017:
Costas Meghir (Yale University), Estimating the Production Function for Human Capital: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Colombia (joint with Orazio Attanasio, Sarah Cattan, Emla Fitzsimons and and Marta Rubio-Codina).
3 May 2017:
Anupam B. Jena (Harvard Medical School), What Happens to Patients when Doctors Leave Town? Evidence from Patient Mortality when Cardiologists Attend National Scientific Conferences.
4 May 2017:
Brian Knight (Brown University), The Limits of Propaganda: Evidence from Chavez's Venezuela (joint with Ana Tribin).
18 May 2017:
Tania Barham (University of Colorado at Boulder), Thirty-Five Years Later: Effect of a Child Health and Family Planning Program on Economic and Migration Outcomes.
25 May 2017:
Matt Notowidigdo (Northwestern University), Quantifying the Welfare Gains of Variety: A Sufficient Statistics Approach (joint with Kory Kroft, Jean-William Lalibertie and Rene Leal-Vizcaino).
15 June 2017:
Dave Donaldson (Stanford University), The More We Die, The More We Sell? A Simple Test of the Home-Market Effect (joint with Arnaud Costinot, Margaret Kyle and Heidi Williams).


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