Madrid Macroeconomics Workshop (MadMac)

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First term

28 October 2016:
Kurt Mitman (IIES en Estocolmo), Consumption and House Prices in the Great Recession (joint with Greg Kaplan and Gianluca Violante).
31 October 2016:
Mark Aguiar (Princeton University), Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Younger Men (joint with Mark Bils, Kerwin Charles and Erik Hurst).
11 November 2016:
David Hémous (University of Zurich), Snowball Effect of Top Income Inequality (joint with Jeffrey Clemens, Joshua Gottlieb and Morten Olsen).
25 November 2016:
Edouard Schaal (CREI), Optimal Transport Networks in Spatial Equilibrium (joint with Pablo D. Fajgelbaum).

Second term

20 January 2017:
Douglas Gollin (University of Oxford), Heterogeneity, Measurement, and Misallocation in African Agriculture.
27 January 2017:
Luigi Paciello (Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance), Price Dynamics with Customer Markets (joint with Andrea Pozzi and Nicholas Trachter).
10 February 2017:
Leo Kaas (Universität Konstanz), Default Cycles (joint with Wei Cui).
3 March 2017:
Joseph Kaboski (University of Notre Dame), Growth Policy, Agglomeration and (the Lack of) Competition (joint with Wyatt J. Brooks and Yao Amber Li).

Third term

21 April 2017:
Hamish Low (University of Cambridge), Marriage, Labour Supply and the Social Safety Net (joint with Costas Meghir, Luigi Pistaferri and Alessandra Voena).
28 April 2017:
Anton Braun (Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta), Old, Frail, and Uninsured: Accounting for Puzzles in the U.S. Long-Term Care Insurance Market (joint with Karen A. Kopecky and Tatyana Koreshkova).
5 May 2017:
Pol Antrās (Harvard University), On the Geography of Global Value Chains (joint with Alonso de Gortari).
23 May 2017:
Chang-Tai Hsieh (Chicago Booth), Crony Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics.


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