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CEMFI Seminar

Lunchtime Seminar


First term

27 September 2016:
Luis Meloni (University of Sao Paulo), Can Entertainment Media Undermine Dictatorships? Evidence from Brazil's Novelas (joint with Alberto Chong, Claudio Ferraz, Frederico Finan and Eliana La Ferrara).
1 December 2016:
Laurent Bouton (ULB-ECARES, Georgetown University), The Political Economy of Debt and Entitlements (joint with Alessandro Lizzeri and Nicola Persico).

Third term

3 April 2017:
Giorgio Topa (Federal Reserve Bank of New York), Job Search Behavior among the Employed and Non-Employed (joint with R. Jason Faberman, Andreas I. Mueller, and Aysegül Sahin).
7 April 2017:
Eugenio Zucchelli (Lancaster University), The Dynamics of Health and Labour Market Transitions at Older Ages: Evidence from a Multi-State Model (joint with Mark N. Harris and Xueyan Zhao).
16 May 2017:
Jim Tybout (Pennsylvania State University), 2-Sided Search in International Markets (joint with Jonathan Eaton, David Jinkins, and Daniel Xu).
22 June 2017:
Carlos Sanz (Banco de España), Increasing Women's Representation in Politics: The Importance of the Electoral System.
30 June 2017:
Adriana Lleras-Muney (UCLA), A Unified Law of Mortality: Implications for Economic Analyses (joint with Flavien Moreau).


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