Econometrics Workshop

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First term

17 October 2016:
Francis DiTraglia (University of Pennsylvania), Estimating the Effect of a Mis-measured, Endogenous, Binary Treatment (joint with Camilo García-Jimeno).

Second term

8 March 2017:
Iván Fernández-Val (Boston University), Network and Panel Quantile Effects Via Distribution Regression (joint with Victor Chernozhukov and Martin Weidner).
30 March 2017:
Jia Li (Duke University), Volume, Volatility and Public News Announcements joint with Tim Bollerslev and Yuan Xue (joint with Banking and Finance).

Third term

11 May 2017:
Rosa Matzkin (UCLA), On the Identification and Estimation of Nonparametric Nonseparable Models.
17 May 2017:
Ulrich Müller (Princeton University), Long-Run Covariability (joint with Mark Watson).
30 May 2017:
Zhongjun Qu (Boston University), Likelihood Ratio Based Tests for Markov Regime Switching (joint with Fan Zhuo).


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